Episode 224

Published on:

4th Mar, 2021

Episode 223

Published on:

3rd Mar, 2021

Episode 222

Published on:

1st Mar, 2021

Episode 221

Published on:

25th Feb, 2021

Episode 220

Published on:

24th Feb, 2021

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About the Podcast

Ten Minute Bible Talks Devotional Bible Study
Short Devotional & Bible Study by Keith Simon & Patrick Miller, pastors at The Crossing
Top 5 devotional podcasts worldwide according to Chartable.com: Connect with God in the time it takes you to drive to work or empty the dishwasher. Every episode focuses on one passage, explains it and applies it to your life.

Hosted by Pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller.
This podcast is a production of The Crossing. You can support our ministry here.